May 7, 2002: May regular meeting "On family economy"
We have a regular meeting of May today. Akeno branch members in charge of lunch preparation are working hard in the kitchen.
Mitsushiki and Wasada branches will take care of coming sales preparation. Many items are on display; homemade cake, bread, boiled beans, dressings, ginger rice packs, and colorful acrylic fiber scrubber knitted by Kusu branch members.
May regular meeting started at ten a.m. as scheduled. Jounan branch emcees today.
Oita Group of Friends' fiscal 2001 year account settlement was reported by using a diagram that depicted the movement of money throughout the year.

After the acceptance, 2002 budget was proposed and approved after some discussions.
Each working group reports on the plan. Our senior group advertised about the gathering of cloths for making sitting mats to be used in the new Group of Friends' House.
Construction project group appealed the basic concept of the new House saying, "We hope to make the new House just as our own homes." The turn of cleaning duty and seasonal cleaning plan were also introduced.
The meeting was over at 12:43 p.m. just behind the schedule.

Lunch preparation started soon.
The regular meeting sales gathers many attendants.
Today7s lunch menu
  Green pea rice
  Kelp soup
  Cold pork and vegetable salad with Japanese dressing
  Sweet beans
  Peppermint sweet bean jelly
May regular meeting     
On duty: Jounan Branch     
              Record by Araki
Theme "On family economy"
Hymn #234A
Reading The Grace of number (infant's heart)
New comers introduction
Contents: 2001 account settlement, discussion, acceptance
     2002 budget introduction, Q & A, approve
From Construction Group
Sales Group
Life Group
Leader report
Each Group report
Working group report
The song of Wild Flower
Kid daycare by Kasuga Branch
Regular meeting sale by Mitsushiki and Wasada Branch
Working report  Today's attendant 34
         Kid 3 Carer 2
Report by Nagano