April 22, 2002: Senior group meeting
The rain has cleared up this morning. We came up to Ms. Yamada's house in the thick fresh green in Kuju highland.
Her pet Chappy welcomed us in his small log house.
We have the first meeting of the senior group. The meeting has started with the reading of "Talking half my lifetime", a work by the founder Motoko Hani.

Our Oita Group of Friends will cereblate its 70th anniversary next year. We have decided to read through the work until then.
After the reading, we worked on handcraft making. We have started to make cushion covers to be used in our future new house.
We will bring the cloths together every time we meet.
We also prepared lovely Hina dolls. Yamada's mother handed down how to make the dolls.
Residual pieces of cloths from Japanese Kimono will be used for it.

White cloths will be dolls' face and their bodies are made from triangular pieces of Kimono.
We were so enthusiastic that we have almost forgotten the lunch. We quickly prepared it with our bring-in dishes.
Sushi full of fresh aroma of wild greens.
Young bamboo shoot soup, peanut tofu, pork, and beans.
Croquettes, boiled butterbur, fresh salad, and more.
Chicken and Komatsuna vegetable.

After the lunch, we resumed doll making.
Mr. Yamada brewed wonderful coffee for us.
Coffee cups were made by Mr. Yamada as well.

Lovely dolls were finally completed.
We have had a good time today.
April senior group meeting
Hymn #228
Reading: "My half lifetime"
Working: Cushion cover and doll making
Attendant: 9

Reported by Nagano