April 13, 2002: Exciting open market
We have had "flower cold" days recently. Today is cleared up early from the morning, however.

This is Central Promenade Park in downtown Oita. The corner turret of Funai Castle is visible in the background.
There are many statues on the promenade. This is the statue of St. Xavier who first introduced western music to Japan here in Oita. On the back is prefectural office building.
The park is crowded today.

We have a regular open market called "Exciting square" today.
 Sponsor: Exciting square market planning committee
  Joint hosting:Funai liaison council
  Assent:Nagahama, Niage, and Kanaike school district resident's association
  Co-sponsor: Six shopping areas and two promotion groups
Our Oita Group of Friends applied and took a stall in it.

Our goods are homemade bread and cookies.
Group buying items such as dried kelps, walnut, raisin, and other materials for cookie making were displayed as well.
Many visitors came and bought many items by sampling sweet fried soybeans or cheese crackers.

We worked very hard.
I distributed the leaflet of our Group of Friends down through the park.

The members in the headquarters are busy in receiving the visitors.
Lovely accessories, used cloths, toys and more. The sellers also enjoy the market.
Some people enjoy the beautiful weather by taking rest at a commemorative statue of the birthplace of surgical operation in Japan.

We sold out at half past one in the afternoon. We could appeal our Group of Friends to many visitors today.

               Reported by Nagano