April 9, 2002: April regular meeting
New fiscal year has started. We have the first regular meeting in our Oita Group of Friends (OGF.) The new leader made a few words saying, "We will start the New Year with a slogan 'Let's activate group meetings' and make efforts to enrich the 'inner life' of the group members. We will have the 70th anniversary of OGF next year."
Each group leader express their hopes of the New Year respectively.
Life Group leader explained how to promote life study of OGF using a diagram.
The diagram reads, "Group meetings, life study, mothers' meeting, and toward-external activities such as study classes and friendship sales are tightly combined with each other to improve our lives step by step."
Tense atmosphere fills the room as the start point of the New Year.

Well, relax for a while and stretch arms and legs. We were now refreshed.
New house construction project leader explains how the members dream of the new house.
The dream will come true starting from those scratches. that depicts the premises and layout of the buildings

What the new house should be in layout? What kinds of rooms are needed?

A concrete floor plan is displayed on the paper as well.

Dreams are coming into a shape by gathering the images in the members' brains.
A member in charge of the enrollment shows the present status of current 75 members.

This is a bar chart separated by age. The pink circle shows the rate of the members with jobs.

The pie chart depicts the number of the members separated by enrollment years. The red piece shows four new members entered last year. The left piece indicates two members who have more than 60 years enrollment.
April regular meeting    Turns of duty: Committee members
           Record by Anan
Theme "Toward a new year"
Hymn #1
Introduction of the new organization
Reading, "Are we worthy of free people after all?"
          (Letter to the friends)
Group leaders' expectations
From Life Group
From General Affairs Group
On the new house construction
On group purchase
Enrollment statistics report
New comers introduction
From Sales Group "Stoked square"
Leader reports
Each group reports
Business routine report

Today's attendant: 36
Day care kids: 8 by 3 members
Reported by: Nagano
Today's lunch (Turns of duty: Kujuu Group)

Dry curry
Salad with apple slice (menu of the mess) and watercress from Kujuu
Yogurt jelly with Kujuu wild strawberry jam
Barley tea using famous mountain water