March 5, 2002: The last meeting
We had the last meeting today. Although it was warm spring itself day, the weather turned back to winter today with occasional rain.
Jounan, Kujyu, and Tsukumi Groups are in charge of today's meeting preparation. Beautiful spring flowers are in the vase, Margaret, Freesia, Lavender, and Collar.
The theme of the meeting is "Review of the year." The general leader and other members read the book enthusiastically and talk about their impressions. After that, Life group leader and General affairs group leader reported the progress of the year.
The number of perfect attendance is 13. Each of them was called up and got applause.

In the end, an acknowledgement was stated to general leader Iwahashi.
After the meeting, we took lunch. The dishes were Hayashi rice, cold salad, strawberry and yogurt jelly.
March regular meeting    Jounan, Kujyu, and Tsukumi Groups for preparation.
            Record by Nagano
Theme "Review the year"
Hymn #503
Reading "How to live" from the founders works
Newcomer and guests introduction
Member number report
Contents..."Review the year"
   Life group leader, Children group
   General affairs leader, group buying
   Group leaders...Wasada and Sakanoichi
Life study group report
On new house construction...Turn the dream to a reality
Preparation for March Friendship Sales
Leader reports
Each group reports
Working group report, perfect attendant report
Acknowledgement to general leader

Today's attendant: 33
Daycare: 4 kids by two members

Reported by Nagano