February 9, 2002: Working home makers' meeting
The setting-in of spring this year has already gone. We have a rather warmer day today despite a cold wave forecast.

I went out for downtown Oita to join a "Working home makers' meeting." Daphne bloom releases fragrance in the street.
A fountain in Funai Aqua park is shining in the warm sunlight.
A local train from Oita station takes me to Tsurusaki. Ms. Iwahashi and Ms. Nyuu from Sakanoichi joined me.
Ms. Baba helps her town doctor husband. The waiting room was released for today's meeting.

Matsumura and Adachi managed their busy days to attend the meeting.

We had a fruitful time by discussing the impression of reading, house account keeping, and other topics. We could stimulate each other.
I appealed the progress status of new GOF (Group Of Friends) house construction. They are very busy. I hope they will give comments on it through letters or E-mails.

Tea break with tasty pound cake baked by Matsumura.
We could exchange many topics in the bright room.
From left, Anan, Iwahashi, Nagano, Adachi, Nyuu, Baba, and Matsumura. All of us confirmed the importance of face-to-face meeting like today and agreed to have another meeting like this.
Working home makers' meeting (Membership group)
Hymn #294
Reading: "Female as a member of society"
Family budget
New House construction

Reported by Nagano