February 7, 2002: Making apron
Everything-can-be-bought-easily-days triggered us to increase the number of members who are willing to sew cloths by hand. We have a workshop today.
We first select colorful clothes and get sewing patterns from the reception table.
Ms. Nishinaka, the lecturer today, started her class saying, "Let's sew a simple one-meter apron respectively. We have to choose cloth carefully for apron making."
Ms. Tanaka, assistant, speaks on sewing tools by showing easy-to-use needle, 20-cm scale, and other gadgets.
We will use soft denim this time.

The first work is ironing to remove wrinkles.
The sewing patterns are then marked for seam allowance. The attendants listen carefully to the lecturer by taking memo.
Now, try all by yourself.
Well done!
Assistant Iwahashi teaches how to cut cloth to the students who try sewing apron for the first time.
Nishinaka demonstrates her skill.
A lovely baby is happy on the mat. Teddy bears were hand-made by Ms. Matoba. 
We have a pleasant lunch break. Iwahashi's wonderful patchwork fascinated the attendants.
The afternoon session started with sewing.

First, strings for aprons are sewn carefully and tightly.
Pocket making. Ironing, basting, and sew double by machine. The bottom shape should be round. Don't forget to sew-in reinforce cloth.
The lecturer taught us very neatly and elaborately. The products will be on exhibit at February study class.

After cleaning the room, we reviewed the class today. We could learn very well, we need more time, we should finish them up in nearby group, we wish to hand down the importance of sewing skill.
Apron making class (Sales and life group)
Lecturer: Nishinaka, assistant Tanaka, Iwahashi
Hymn #454
Lecturer introduction and today's schedule explanation
On clothe and sewing gadgets for apron making
Cutting cloth
Sewing explanation
  string, pocket, dart, stitch, and others

Today's attendant: 13
Reported by Nagano