January 31, 2002: Cake making research

Today is the last day of January. The temperature is really cold, but Ume flower started to bloom already.
We had a "Cake making research" at our Group of Friends' House.

We first read the opening article written by Tomiko Fukushima in a book titled "Homemade cakes" published from Female's Friends Publisher.
We brought-in homemade cakes for research.

We first look each other's cake in a line. The cakes tell us that a small difference of temperature will cause big difference of appearance.
After that, we actually made cakes by learning other's way of making. Ms. Ono demonstrated how to bake rum cake.
Ms. Ono fascinated us with her skill of making cakes. She makes wonderful rum cakes for Friendship Sale.

We can put equal amount of ingredient into the mold without using a scale.
We sampled brought-in cakes during baking the dough in the oven.

Rum, pound, coffee, lemon-butter, carrot, and Moca liqueur cakes.
Black sesame cake like this attracted attentions of the group.
We carefully tasted many pieces of cakes for research.
Ono takes up her cake from the oven and painted the surface with rum.

We will study further to improve our skill in making cake. We studied today on pound cake, and we will try other types of cake soon.
Cake making research program
Hymn #329
Reading: "Homemade cake" by Tomiko Hashimoto preface
Cake comparison
Rum cake baking
Price check for Friendship Sales
Today's attendance: 12
Brought-in cakes: seven kinds, 13 pieces

Reported by Nagano