December 11, 2001: Christmas meeting
The Christmas meeting this year will be held today. The meeting preparation members arrange the site, and Senior group prepares lunch from early in the morning.
On the window is a series of story of Jesus' Birth using colorful cellophane sheets.
Mr. Naotoshi Nomi, clergyman, came from Beppu City to give the ceremony under the theme of "What is Christmas?"

The General leader introduces him.
The clergyman started the lecture with his memory of the dead mother who had once worked as a minister of religion in Japan Christian Association. She had also once been a member of Group of Friends in Tsukumi City and Fukuoka City.

HE referred to the meaning of Christmas cerebration in church, and easily talked about how it should be cerebrated in home.
Christmas is cerebrated throughout the world as a common event. When people have a time with their family to think about it, God will be with them, even they don't have religious feelings. We hope to welcome acceptingly a day when the Son of God was born in this world. Christmas cerebration in a warm home every year will bring you a big power. He introduced a line from a book "Christmas of Vonheber family", that reads, "The source of power is the memory filled with the sense of thanks."
After the lecture, we reviewed the activities of the General leader, life group, and sales group in the second term.

After it, we donate money.
The regular meeting was over with the chorus of a hymn.

The clergyman then joined the lunch party. Today's menu is tomato pilaf, bean soup, chicken, vinegared bell peppers in three colors, apple-mixed salad, cake, and black tea.
We introduced each other.
Senior Group prepared today's lunch.
December regular meeting    on duty: Committee

"What is Christmas?" by Mr. Naotoshi Nomi
Hymn #103,109
General leader: Acknowledgement
 Review of the second term
    General leader
    Life Group
    Sales Group
Christmas donation
Newcomer introduction
Annual accounting
Actual work report
Hymn #108

Today's attendant number: 31 with 1 daycare kid

                Reported by:Nagano