November 16, 2001: Family Budget Study Class in 2001 (1st day)...reported by Nagano
Family Budget Study Class in 2001 opens today at Art room of Compal Hall of Oita City.

We gathered at the site at 8:50 a.m. OBS radio reporters interviewed me (Shutou, left and Nojiri, right) for 30 minutes for five minutes program. I was asked to state briefly on Group of Friends and this time Study Class and appealed the audience to join us.
After confirming on-air of the interview, I went to the daycare room.

Children of the visitors will be day cared by the members of Group of Friends. A kid put a "You came here lustily" seal. Today's seal design is sweet potato.
I am in charge of food preparation for kids. Today's snack is ready for serve.
The snack is served at 10:30 a.m. Scattered toys are put in order and tables are set in position. After saying grace, the kids took the snack.

Today's snack is consisted of meat bread, apple, and milk. The total calorific value is 390 Kcal.
The Study Class was over around 11:40 a.m. and mothers came to the daycare room for pick up. The room was soon cleaned up as it had been.
I took a look of the site. Many guests were looking the exhibits and made questions.
This time, many actual foods are on display such as one-day amount of the food for a housewife, lunchbox, and "Time saving" which is very convenient to prepare meal.
These are the samples of "Time saving." From left, home frozen food and washed-and-ready-for-cooking vegetables.
Many guests purchased account and December special copies of Females' Friend magazine.
After the Class was over and cleaned up the site, we reviewed today's work.

Anticipated number of the guest was 80 and actual result was 101. Ten members took care of 18 kids today.

The Class will be held tomorrow as well. We went home before 1:00 p.m.

November 17, 2001: Family Budget Study Class in 2001(2nd day)...reported by Nagano
The second day of Family Budget Study Class in 2001 is held at the main hall of Compal Hall.

We gathered at 8:50 a.m. the same as yesterday and soon started the preparation.
Many slogans are attached on a movable white board or hang down from the ceiling.
Displays are arranged quickly and carefully.
All the members work together busily. Adjustment of the microphone volume is one of the important works.
On the book sales stand are account books and other copies issued from Females' Friends Publisher.
We had a morning meeting at 9:15 a.m. Hymn #369 was followed by the check points of the day.
The site will be opened at 9:40 a.m.
Sample books on the table are Writings of Motoko Hani, Females' Friends, and seniors' Friends.
At ten, the general leader opened the Study Class.

She introduces the account book together with the leader of account leader. From right, "account book", "senior account book", "life account book", and "budget account book."
The explanation started.

The first one is "How I started keeping a family budget."

She explained her experience, "After ten months family budget keeping, I have learned much and could make next year's budget carefully. During my kids are small, I would like to make important of eating."
Many guests filled the hall, including two male guests. We were very glad.
From "Lunchbox note"

"I have found many points to be improved, such as the checking of the items in the refrigerator, menu, preparation, and daily life time management. All of them contributed to review my life."
"Heating and lighting cost"

Some of the samples from the members are displayed on the sheets. Watanabe, whose electricity cost was the lowest, explained how she managed to get the record. To decrease the electricity expense is directly connected to the environmental protection.
"Pension life with rich heart"

"Live modestly on a limited pension on consultation with my husband" strongly found echoes in the hearts of the many guests.
We could successfully appeal to many enthusiastic guests to make efforts together with us.

After the Class was over; we all quickly cleaned up the site. The materials used this time were brought back to the Group of Friends house.

We will review this time event on coming 21st.