September 20-21, 2001: Kyushu Block Conference
The fiscal Kyushu Block Conference will be held in Moji town in Kitakyushu City. I took a local train to attend it.

Cluster-amaryllis and cosmos flower dot half-grown rice paddies.
Reading the material and chatting with friends make me forget tiresome hours in the train from Oita to Kokura.
Moji is one of my dear old places as I used to be a member of Group of Friend's Kitakyushu branch.

This is the "0-mile monument" in Mojikou station. The first rail in Kyushu Island was set here in 1891.
Many members were on the same train. We head to the Conference site.
The classic building was once of Osaka-Shousen-Mitsui-Sempaku, a shipping company.
At the entrance of the site, Ms. Nyu and Ms. Takeuchi from Oita branch.
Some 100 members attend the Conference from 20 branches.

Ms. Katsuki and Ms. Kimura, Central Committees from Tokyo, opened the Conference with a divine service.
"Foundation work of life should be firmly done in order to appeal the spirit of our Group of Friends" was the main theme of the Conference. Each group reported on the activity outline.

Lunch boxes are distributed to the attendants.
The working group is busy in the backyard even during the lunchtime. They prepare for the afternoon session.
Recommended food samples for nutrition for a housewife per day are displayed like this.
Autumnal flower decorates the entrance.

Mikashima is one of my old friends.
The afternoon session was held as scheduled.
Oita branch makes a presentation as well.
Kitakyushu branch advertises in tea break a concert in December.
The session continues.

Actual food samples show the required amount of necessary daily nutrition.
The first day's session was over at 5 p.m.

Aldon Rossi is our hotel tonight.
Recently restored "Retro Moji Port" is visible from my room.
I shared the room with Ueda from Nagasaki.
We enjoyed dinner in the restaurant.
Exchange of cookies from each branch. We Oita brought-in Hijiki, a special product of edible seaweed from Saganoseki town.
Eager discussion continues in the evening.

Today's attendant number was 114.
Divine service: Eternal Female Reported by Nagano