August 24, 2001: Back to "school"
Our Oita Group of Friends has officially started the second semester today.

We met each other after a long time. Araki tried hard bread making in her summer vacation and brought in just-out-of-the-oven bread. She and Shiotsuki discussed on it.
We have a "Group and sub Group meeting" today. After hymn #11, we started teem from 10:00 a.m.
"Life Group" also had a meeting. They had a lot of talk toward the autumn days.
"General Affairs Group" hopes to have some meeting for those who feel it difficult to attend the regular meeting because of their business. Kids are still in the summer vacation.
"Construction Group" spreads a large drawing on the kitchen table to discuss the basic plan of the new house.

In September meeting, we will go back to the original point of view and discuss what kind of the land on which the new house is to be built.
"Branch meetings" were held in the afternoon. Many topics were discussed such as joint meeting next week, September regular meeting, monthly report, each group meeting, how to carry out the family budget meeting, and Friendship sales preparation. Today's reporter was very busy to put the discussions on record. It has been very hot this summer, but all of us could join today and start a new term today. (Report by Nagano)