July 5, 2001: Kyushu block meeting
There are 20 blocks in Group of Friend Kyushu district. Block "A" consists of six branches, Kita-Kyushu, Noukata, Nakatsu, Beppu, Ooita, and Saeki. The "A" block had a study meeting in Oita Municipal Compal Hall today.
Oita Branch was in charge of actual preparation work by joining the site at nine in the morning.
The reception table has been busy after 9:30. Six members from Kita-Kyushu Branch appeared.
Four from Nakatsu, seven from Beppu, two from Saeki, five from Noukata, and 17 from Oita Branch respectively.

Today's theme focuses on family budget and food, starting at 10:00 a.m. through 3:30 p.m.
Kyushu Central Committee Ms. Hara (left) and Ms. Shingu.

Shingu made a speech on our feelings that join the meeting today. She referred to the writings of Motoko Hani, the Founder, from "Family Budget" chapter

Hara reported on her activities how to increase the number of family budget keeper, and on the result of heating and lighting expenses research in Kyushu block.
The next program is the introduction of the family budget study group in Oita Branch, referring how they practice it with the theme of "From the family budget study class."

Such a lovely participant from Oita sits quietly with the mother.
Now, it's Oita turn. Matoba, the life group leader, reports how the Branch studies the family budget in daily activities.

All the attendants from Oita Branch prepared their actual result of the family budgets foe past six months.
In our regular meeting, all the members report on the budget for a couple of minutes respectively, but today we selected unusual four cases.

The first report was from Goto who started to keep the budget after she joined the branch four months ago. Her small daughter also stands up by firmly grasping her mother's skirt.
Ms. Anan has three kids in the height of eating. The food budget amounts up to the highest in the Branch. She reported how she started to prepare the lunch boxes for her high school kids.
Watanabe reported on her long time research result focusing on the heating and lighting expenses. She appealed the importance of the carefully designed budget that protects the environment as the result. We all agreed that is the first step of the healthy life.
Iwahashi, the General leader of Oita Branch, reported how she runs her home with her husband who retired two years ago. The net life expenses target should be within the amount of pension income. The couple talks well with each other to live a simple but rich-hearted life. Her talk got a storm of applause from the attendants.
"Careful enter up on the family account book with the balance of income and outgoing is the core of the study that contributes to the saving of material and energy," Matoba appealed and concluded her presentation.
Nagano was in charge of summing up the family budgets of the year 2000 in Kyushu Block. She first did the work and reported today "On a study of income source."

"Each of us should become a careful keeper of the family budget and we should make much more use of the data from national or Kyushu blocks", she appealed.
Many account keepers are confusing on entering up the "Saving items." Nyuu from Oita Branch introduced how she did it by using her own account.
She introduces how to enter up the number by using summing up note, saving items, and yearly balance. The idea was invented by the founder Motoko Hani and improved by Females' Friends Publisher.

Careful daily checking of enter up and actual money will be the basis of the accurate family budget. Cash amount should be exactly the same as the next-month transfer number.

Click the left picture to see the enlarged data table.
The report by Oita Branch gathered a lot of questions and impressions.

They are from Kita Kyushu group of Friends.
The morning program was over. Araki of Oita Branch reports the actual work of the day.

The members in charge of today's lunch preparation distribute the lunchbox to the attendants.
The lunchboxes today were prepared by the sales group in the Group House and were carried into the site.
Takahashi, the sales leader, explained how they prepared the lunchboxes.
The ingredients are: refreshing flavored ginger rice, marinated salmon we have learned from the lecture meeting by Motoya, pumpkin boiled with milk, Shiitake mushroom - special product of Oita -, beans and others. They were really tasty, indeed.

After the lunch, Oita Branch prepared pound cake and sweet fried dough cookies for sale. They have long been studying in the Branch.
Walnut buns were prepared by Beppu Branch. Both of them were displayed and sold for study.
Misugi from Nougata Branch started the afternoon meeting by reporting the study result on seasonings.
Matsukuma from Kita Kyushu Branch followed her by reporting the food study result.

The large sheet indicates the data of the food for 38 people for a week.
Harada first joined the study group of more than 15-year-old.

She reported the importance of "hand scale" and "eye scale." She got many new findings such as biased ingredients by checking her actual food life for the first time.
Morinaga reports on her 40 years experience in the Group of Friends life.

The study of the well-balanced taking of the in-season vegetables, actual dish preparation with the group friends, and the importance of a kitchen scale are the part of her presentation backed by her long time experience. We are deeply moved by listening to her.
We usually prepare dishes by considering the balance of necessary nutritious amount. Matsukuma reports on the basic nutritive value and amount to be taken daily.

Oita members are listening to her eagerly.
Nougata members reported on "Hot cap on the pan."

Yamaguchi's humorous talk on her actual breakfast preparation gathered a lot of laugh from the attendants.
Tea break has come. Cooled green tea Yokan jelly matched well with hot green tea. Yamada of Oita prepares them. She had visited Ichikawa Branch and learned how to make it.
Nakatsu Branch reported its food checking activities, Beppu Branch on a mini-study class, Saeki on joint purchasing movements with the producer. The study class was over at last.

We promised to continue the study and focus on the meeting in autumn.
Oita members cleaned up the site.

We have had a very fulfilling day today.
Reported by Group of Friends Oita Branch: Nagano

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