April 2, 2001: A new business year starts
Our Group of Friends (GOF) Oita Branch starts its new business year today. On my way to the GOF house, I passed by a beautiful spot filled with full-bloomed cherry blossoms under the clear blue sky. The flower stopped me with smile. On the left is Mt. Yufu dissolved in the spring warm sky.
We have some group meetings today at the house.

This is the meeting of Life Affairs group. We first read together the target of the year "Life is education" and discussed how to promote life study.
The members of General Affairs group discuss over many issues such as membership control, monthly report, house maintenance, account, joint-purchase, books, and others. They confirmed the importance of open-minded talk in order to cooperate smoothly.
One of the members, who was in charge of last year's account, reads the data of the number and composition of the group member. The data will be reported on coming April regular meeting.

We had the 70th anniversary of National Group of Friends last year and had a commemorative exhibition. This year, we have to carry out what we appealed in our actual life with deep mind.

Reported by: Nagano

Mieko Nagano COARA