February 20, 2001: The last study class of the fiscal year
Today, we had the last study class on living. Ms. Anan, the leader of the study group, started the class.

The reading "How to manage time" was taken from "Home keeping" section of the writing by Motoko Hani. Ms. Tanaka and I stated our impressions on it from the standpoint of view of the living group.
After the reading, we all checked the statement of accounts. Ms. Watanabe, the leader of the account group, and I did it.
Ms. Watanabe summed the accounts of Oita group up and explained some points using prints distributed to the members.
I am in charge of adding ups of Kyushu block account. I explained the interim report of the adds.

By analyzing personal home accounts, each member can think much more about their family budgets.
Next, we checked the aprons sewn by the students of "Sewing apron class" held the other day.
A member demonstrates how to fix the pocket tightly on the apron.
Ms. Matoba showed her white work and explained the difficult points in sewing.
All of us fit the work products and checked each other on the size, bib, the width of the lace, the amount of gathering.
Then we checked the cookies to be sold in coming Friendship sales. From left, lemon cake, coffee cake, devils cake, squeeze-out cookie, and sweet fried beans.
First we checked the appearance and then sliced it to see the interior. We carefully checked the baking, shape, the fineness of the texture.
Finally, we sampled them and decided if they could be sold in the sales.

Some comments were given, such as lemon should be sliced thinner, and the starting temperature of baking cookie should be watched more carefully.

We look forward to having the Friendship sales next month.

We have had a fruitful day today.
February Life-study class (10:00-12:30), 19 attendants and a baby
Hymn #207
Reading: "Time management" from Motoko Hani's writings. Impressions by Tanaka and Nagano.
A study on the summing-ups of 2000 family budget.
Checking of the products for sales: apron and cookie.
Reported by Nagano