February 15, 2001: Oita Group of Friends' Mothers group meeting
It could be called as "the return of coldness", as the temperature went down below the freezing point, making puddles here and there.

A bush of Daphne is just about to start blooming under the sunlight in the Group of Friends house, however.
Ms. Anan, the leader of children care group, and Ma. Nyuu, in charge of rearing the kids, are preparing in the kitchen for the cooking class today.
I, a member of Living Group, soon joined them. After 10 a.m, young members also started to cook. Kids are playing pleasantly with toys.
Today's class is to prepare "Japanese stocks and Western stocks." They are very useful and we can make then whenever we have time.

There are many kinds of standing vegetables we learned from the bulletin board on our homepage. The dishes (right) are the materials of Japanese stocks, including minced chicken, dried tofu, dried mushroom, dried gourd shavings, carrot, burdock, fried tofu, Konjak (jelly-like food made from the starch of devil's tongue), kidney bean, and seasonings.
On the left are the materials for Western stocks, including, from left, minced meat, green pepper, carrot, onion, and fresh mushroom.

All of them should be chopped finely.
The materials for Japanese stock are simmered in a pod patiently, and Western stock materials are fried in a Chinese frying pan.

The products are divided into small fraction and frozen in the refrigerator for use in various cookings.

Japanese stocks will be used for making Gomoku sushi, Fukubukuro, roasted tofu, Chinese rice ball, and Gomoku-ingredient rice boiling.
Western stocks will be used in preparing meat sauce, Marbo tofu, croquette, and omelet.
During the cooking interval, we read a writing by Motoko Hani. Today's line, "playing mate", was taken from her work "Discover children."

This time is the last meeting of the fiscal year. We reviewed the year and discussed the plan for the next year.
Now, the rice is boiled, and we soon made Gomoku sushi using just prepared Japanese stock soup.

We also sampled Marbo tofu dish by using Western stocks in the lunch.
Both stocks were good, indeed.

We agreed that if such kinds of stocks are available in the refrigerator at anytime we need, it would be very convenient for cooking.
Many product of the day were distributed to the members for use in home.
I bought some packs of Western stocks.

I prepared Chinese Harumaki rolls and enjoyed them in the dinner.

After today, I will be able to find some kinds of Japanese or Western stocks in my refrigerator anytime I want.
February meeting: "Mothers Group" attendants number 8, including one guest and three kids.
Hymn: #461
Reading: "Playing mate" from Hani anthology.
Reviewing and planning
Practice by making Japanese and Western stocks, and mixed sushi dish and Marbo tofu by using the stocks. Reported by Nagano