January 16, 2001: "Datemaki" roll
We will have a New Year meeting of our senior group tomorrow by bringing in some New Year dishes. I am in charge of making Datemaki, or egg roll.

Datemaki is easily prepared by using egg and ground fish meet. Let's try it.
In a small pan, three tbsps of stock, six tbsps of sugar, two tbsps of sweet sake, and a half small tbsp of salt are put together and mixed well and heated slightly and leave it to cool down.

Fore eggs and above mixture are put into a bowl and beaten.
Ground fish meet is cut into cubes of two centimeter each and put into a mixer. Before said egg mixture is also added n it and mixed roughly.
Additional four eggs are then put into the mixer.
After mixing and foams are settled down, the mixture is poured onto a flat pan with a cooking sheet.
The pan is put into the oven at 180 C for 15 minutes and another five minutes at 200 C. The baking temperatures are to be adjusted according to your oven conditions.
Unfortunately, some uneven colors appeared on the roll, but it smells good.

he product is turned over on a napkin and the cooking sheet is carefully pealed off from the body. Several thin lines are cut by a knife every one-centimeter apart.

The roll is then enveloped tightly with a bamboo roller. Both ends are bound by rubber bands before cooling down.
After the roll is cooled completely, the rubber bands are removed. I tried to slice the roll and found beautiful slices of Datemaki. The taste was great with a moderate sweetness.
This recipe was taught by Ms. Takeda of Takamatsu Group of Friends through the bulletin board on the homepage of Oita Branch. Ms. Takeda was taught the recipe from Ms. Date of Osaka Branch. Yes, the Groups of Friends are bound into one strongly. Thank you all.

by Mie