November 21, 2000: Housekeeping and Family Budget Course
Housekeeping and Family Budget Course was opened today at Compal Hall.

We started the setup just after the hall was opened.
Morning meeting at 9:20 confirmed to be read for the guests by 9:40.
Large banners hang down from the ceiling.

Ms. Fukuda holds a guide plate.

Ms. Kouno awaits the guests at the elevator hall.
Receptionists, from left Ms. Araki and Takeuchi.
Day care room. Ms. Nyuu (left) and Ms. Aramaki.

The site was ready for opening, (left) a sample of lunch box.

Many standing dishes for lunch box.
Ms. Yamada's account books.

The founder's writings and other related publications.

Hand-made goods are beautifully arranged like this.

Tasty bread and cakes with Christmas colorings.
Now the guests are coming in the cold morning.
Questionnaires to be filled at the entrance.
Ms. Matoba, the general leader, makes a few words in the beginning on the back ground of the banner that reds the word of the founder "Simple home and rich society."
Enthusiastic guests filled the room.

Mr. Takahashi appeals the importance of the lunch box.
Ms. Anan reported on the life of the kids after coming back home.

The large diagram illustrates the data of the time schedule of the kids.
Ms. Hara explains about her experience.
Ms. Watanabe discusses about account book and checking book.
Ms. Ishihashi presents her first family budget.
The questionnaire was summarized and reported by Nagano who appealed the importance of the environmental protection in home.

Mr. Nyuu reports how the kids today spend their time in the day-care room.

Kids are playing in the day care room.
Mr. Yamada introduced her long time family budget keeping. Her talk attracted many guests' attentions.
The Course was over in success.
Ms. Iwahashi (right) and I.
Cleaning up the room in the end.


Lecture by Tsuneko Tanaka at Prefectural Hall
After the Course, we headed to Prefectural Hall nearby.

Professor Tanaka of Osaka Education University made a lecture today, as the title of "Luxury named simplicity, richness named attachment."
Today's lecture was named as "Prices, save resources and energy" sponsored by Prefectural Office. Mr. Kouji Kunimoto of the Office made a few words in the beginning.
Professor Tanaka was introduced by the sponsor.
She made a very useful and impressive discussion to live an "independent life."

We were delighted to hear her presentation, as it was just what we thought of in our daily life.

Professor Tanaka was delighted to hear that some 20 members from Oita Branch out of 140 audiences were here today.
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