October 17, 2000: Housekeeping and family budget course preparation (No.3)
Hymn: #517
Reading: from "Housekeeping and family budget"
     An ideal of family economy
     Simple home, rich society
Family budget corner:
     Q&A on account keeping
*Each attendant is requested to bring their account books and record books
Housekeeping and family budget course preparation
  Practice group ... working member plan
  Contents group ... Checking on manuscript
Impression on joining a preparation meeting

Branch Committee in the afternoon
We intend to put our basis of coming Housekeeping and family budget course on the Life Exhibition we had in this July.

By reviewing the tables used in the Exhibition, we discussed the manuscripts written by the scheduled reporters.
We discussed very frankly in order to make the presentation and the course fruitful. By the next meeting, the reporters will finish up their revised manuscripts based on today's discussion.

By joining such a preparation meeting, we can review our family budgets. We hope much more members will join preparation meetings to be held after this.
In today's meeting, a sample of the family budget was presented from a member who joined today with her kids. She described that she would start house account next year.
In the afternoon, we checked the final draft of the program. Soon, the ticket making group started to make the handbills. The design of the handbill was carefully checked.
The color of the tickets was pink, in accordance with that of handbills. We counted the number of the ticket many times. They will be handed to the group leaders in the next enlarged committee.

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