September 20, 2000: Inari-Sushi
We had a senior meeting today. As our senior group will be in charge of lunch service in November meetings, we practiced it today.

The menu includes Inari-Sushi, boiled vegetables, dressed mixture of Shimeji mushroom and fresh greens, clear soup, and dessert. Ms. Takeuchi and Ms. Ihara are making vinegar rice.
all the participants today make Inari-Sushi. Each piece of deep-fried tofu skin contains 50 gram of vinegar rice. Three pieces of the Sushi will be set on a dish for serve.
Ms. Yamada brought-in fresh highland vegetables to make dressed greens. Kabosu citrus is squeezed over it as a final touch.
Ms. Itonaga brought in unusual of Grenadine syrup jelly with unique beautiful color.
The mixture of vegetables has been simmered down now. Ms. Iwahashi counts the number of vegetables to be put on a dish for serve.
Here you are. The table turned rich with dishes of Inari-Sushi and boiled beans on a large dish, clear soup, boiled greens, and jelly with herb topping. This is the menu on the meeting in November.

The extras of the day are big sake-dumplings, jumbo-size grape, vinegar-boiled kelp and burdock, and Ohagi sweet dumplings for autumn equinox.
Burnet taken from Kujyu highland by Ms. Yamada is decorated on the table. We may have taken too much. The large sake-dumplings will be souvenir to home.
Cleaning up the kitchen.
The burnet is separated for the participants today.
I hung down the burnet on the wall to make them dry flower in home.