September 6, 2000: Mother and children meeting by Mie
Today, we had a "Mother and children meeting" at Oita GOF House. Three guests, five GOF members, six children, and three committeewomen joined the meeting. After reading the lines from Motoko Hani's writing, "Discover little children", Mrs. Muneoka, who has two children, reported her study result on her two-day time study in this summer holiday.
As she lives in an apartment house, it is very hard to adjust her kids' around-the-day schedule to other playmates. One suggestion was proposed: if you want to keep a regular time schedule of her kids, you should talk what you think and ask help to other mothers.
Mrs. Anan, who has two schoolchildren and in charge of kid's affairs, took over Mrs. Muneoka and explained "kids' biorhythm" with panels used in Life Exhibition held in July.

For healthy growing of the kids, a natural life rhythm based on the solar revolution is a must after all.
A lunchtime at 11:00 a.m. Children who have been listening to the adults or playing with their toys cleaned them up and gathered at the lunch table.

Children took their homemade lunches happily.
Young mothers are talking about their problems in child rearing each other or look up for useful suggestions from experienced generations. They understand the importance of creating a good home with the cooperation of mother and children. The importance of keeping a family budget was also re-confirmed by the attendants.

Some of the young mothers soon asked the senior members how to actually fill a family budget format. Two-and-a-half hour passed so quickly. They promised to start keeping home accounts and come back here next month with a lot of questions.