July 4, 2000: July regular meeting and Life Exhibition Preparation (No.9)
We had a regular meeting today.

The participant first affix seals on a checking diagram of "How I contribute to the protection of the environment in my home." The checking items are: "not to prepare excess food", "I refuse to accept vinyl bags on shopping", or "I turn off electricity when we go out the room." In this way, we diagnose ourselves.
July regular meeting started at 10 a.m. The Life Exhibition for Healthy Home is coming closer, just two weeks ahead. We read "My philosophy of home life", a writing of Motoko Hani- the founder of Group of Friends- in order to understand the meaning of "The most natural life." This is the main theme of this time Life Exhibition.
I summarized the progress of the preparation by using a diagram. I am in charge of summing up the contents of the Exhibition. Anan followed me by explaining the check result of the timetable of children. She also referred to her hard works in summarizing the table.
We hope many visitors will come and join us at the Exhibition. Aramaki, in charge of selling tickets, appeals how to boost the sales promotion by showing actual result until today.
We then pulled out quotations that hit our hearts deeply from Motoko Hani's books.
The selected phrases include, "Life is education itself", "You can become new whenever you want", "Simple home, rich society", and "See well, hear carefully, do your best."

All the phrases will be appealed in the Exhibition.
The members in charge of publicity are busy in preparing posters to be affixed on the public bulletin boards in the street. They have to complete the work in just two weeks.
As we got the permission from Municipal Office, the posters can be affixed on the public bulletin boards for two weeks. I hope many people will see them and join us.
We re-printed the handbills as the first lot was quickly distributed to mothers in elementary schools or in kindergartens. We feel very happy.
In the afternoon, each group worked hard in making tables or so. Our Senior Group concentrated on the last stitching of the tapestry. The frill part is almost completed; we are expecting to decorate it on the Exhibition.

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