June 30, 2000Life Exhibition preparation (No.8)
Today's preparation started from reading the book by Yoshikazu Hani "Zoshigaya Report." The members in charge of actual preparation reported the progress on public relations, invitation card distribution, and working assignment on the day.

After that, a sample of "four meals for children" was introduced: This is breakfast sample consisting of hot vegetables, half-sized soft-boiled egg. As the color balance was not good, we added a mini tomato. We also agreed that dark-green vegetables shouldn't be boiled too much.

The combination of the tableware must be improved a little as well.
The most nutritious and richest meal in a day for children should be lunch.

Three-colored rice, sweet potato cooked with orange, brown algae with soybean, and milk consist a lunch. The amount of potato seems to be excess, but it should be taken the same amount as an adult.
The snack for children is regarded as a part of four-time meal. The ingredients of the snack are cracker with jam, peanut butter, and cheese. Slices of fruit and milk are served as well.
The kind of fruit and tableware combination should be improved.
This is a sample dinner for children: cooked rice, miso soup, roast fillet of Spanish mackerel, grilled pumpkin, and cooked greens assorted with mushroom.

We think if we change tableware to childlike ones, children may eat more happily. This is an issue to be solved by next time.
After checking the children dish, we resumed the preparation respectively. Making the panels is now in its final stage.
While adults are working hard, children brought in color pencils and craft paper and started to make something. The two kids look very pleasant. The main theme of this time Life Exhibition is "Healthy home in which children grow sound." It is very nice that we can work hard by looking lovely children nearby.

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