June 21, 2000: Making tapestry (No.4)
Our tapestry making is in the final stage. As we feel some more accents are required on the parts of the sky and the river as a whole, we tested some pieces of the patch cut out from a mosquito net.
The other day, Mrs. Itonaga and I bought some cloths to be used as the fringe of the tapestry. Mrs. Ihara and Mrs. Iwahashi are taking measure.
We also measured and spread the quilted cotton to be used as the core. We are trying to thicken the core by folding the cotton three times.
Today, Mrs. Itonaga has prepared the lunch of French bread sandwich and a bar of sweet jellied adzuki-bean paste containing the flavor of green tea. A tasty dish of bean prepared by Mrs. Iwahashi was also served. I prepared peppermint tea made from the leaves in my garden.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Hara suddenly appeared and joined the tapestry making saying, "I have been longing for tapestry making." We sewed the pieces of cloth together according to the design paper sheet. We are very glad to feel that the completion of the tapestry making we started with an anxiety in March is now in sight.

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