June 20, 2000: Preparing for Life Exhibition (No.5)
Today, we had a meeting of "Having children mothers' group." Some mothers joined with their children. They brought in their one-week-time-records of the home life together with the answers to the questionnaire. The entire participant discussed the theme enthusiastically.
Lunch boxes were introduced to each other. In the Life Exhibit, we will display two kinds of lunch; one for kindergarten children, one for the middle to elderly. We will prepare lunch boxes of good looking and nice taste referring to the guidebook "Recommended homemade lunch box" issued from Females' Friend Publisher.
Brought-in ingredients are packed neatly into a lunch box for the elderly.
Jounan Group has brought-in an actual lunch box they had explained on paper last time. This is a lunch box for kindergarten kids. The ingredients are: four 30-gram rice balls containing perilla seeds and chopped greens, fried ball of chopped sardine, egg roll with chopped spinach, fried potato, carrot glaces, kidney bean dressed with sesame, grape bean assorted with raisins, and petit tomato.

Many impressions came out by looking the sample, "It looks very tasty, but the volume is too big" or "Oh, no, my three-year-old kid can eat it very easily." We hope a standard of the lunch volume will be set up through the discussion.
In the Exhibition, we will prepare a "Kids corner" in which kids can play. We will perform "Apron Theater" for kids.

Ms. Hara of Jounan Group demonstrated her quite used Apron Theater. She plays it in many places as her volunteer activities.
She performs a Finnish play for children "Terrible experience of three goats" using a fierce-looking Troll puppet in hand.
Next performance was an England's fairly tale "Three piglets."
When a wolf attacked the three piglets in the hut, all the kids were watching the scene with their bodies thrust forward.
All the adult audience looked the Apron Theater for the first time and gave a storm of applause to Hara's energetic performance. It was a good break during continuing busy days of the preparation for the Exhibition.

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