June 16, 2000: Preparing for Life Exhibition (No.4)
June 12:

This is Wasada Group of Oita Branch. Today, we discussed on "Actual breakfast display of adult female." The Group is in charge of the theme in the Exhibit. We plan to display a Japanese menu and a Western menu so as to appeal the importance of taking essential nutrition on breakfast.
The Japanese menu consists of cooked rice, Miso (soybean paste) soup, whole dried sardine, greens dressed with sesame sauce, fermented soybeans, fried burdock with hot pepper, omelet, boiled-down Shiitake mushroom, and vegetables pickled in rice-bran.
The Western menu includes toast, milk, ham and eggs, potato salad, lettuce, tomato, and apple and banana fruits for dessert.
June 15

A meeting of the committee was held for final checking of the panel to be used in the Exhibition. Many documents were submitted to polish the panel contents.
The wording of the panel is carefully chosen from the past exhibition data held in other areas. Ms. Tanaka (left), the leader of food session, and Ms. Matoba, the Group leader, seriously discusses how our activities should be appealed most effectively through the panel.
June 16: The 4th preparation meeting

A meeting of a committee with enlarged membership was held today. Ms. Tanaka prepared a sample of three meals for a three-year-old kid:
140 gram of grain (20 gram rice ball; four for breakfast, four for lunch, one for afternoon break, and four for dinner.) The recommended amounts of other foods are: 400cc of milk, 60gr of meat, one egg, 160gr of vegetable, and 45gr of beans (leftmost amount in case of soybean.)
We realized that the amount was more than our anticipation.
Jyounan Group is in charge of preparing lunch. Ms. Hara explains the menu of lunch for little children and school students respectively.
The ratio of rice and side dishes to go with the rice is 1:1. The side dishes consists of 1 meat and 2 vegetable in weight.
We think that some suggestions for home freezing for lunch preparation are required on the Exhibition. We agreed to bring-in another idea for lunch next time.
Wsada Group explained by showing pictures how to serve the Japanese and Western breakfast dishes we had proposed last time. We will appeal the importance of taking standing vegetables. On the next meeting, we will bring-in improved actual dishes together with tableware and napkins.
Akeno group member discuss the preparation of "Instant cookie making" class to be held in the Exhibition in the morning and afternoon sessions respectively.
As the Exhibition hall has no cooking tools, it would be very difficult to "make" cookies. The theme will be discussed further on next time meeting.
The eco-group is working for setting a corner in the hall in which the visitors can think together about the importance of the protection of the environment. The Group prepares some questionnaire panels asking, "How do you protect the environment in your daily life?" The answer seals will be affixed on the panel.
The tabulation group works hard in making circular or bar diagrams of nationwide family budget summary data. All the members have worked hard today down to 4 p.m.

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