June 5-6: Making tapestry (No.3)
Today, the members of Senior Group of Friends make the final touch of the tapestry.

All the members are working hard to sew up all the pieces together.
From left, Iwahashi, Yamada, Itonaga-the leader-, and Nagano. Picture by Ihara.
Iwahashi is right-handed and Ihara is left-handed. They can sew up the same piece from both sides. It is very efficient, indeed.
A large picture appeared from 693 patches. It is very impressive after all.

Some parts of the tapestry should be appliqued a little compared with the original painting.

The green frame was sewn up on June 6. The color matches very well with the main pattern. We are delighted. Now let's put on the last spurt for completion.

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