June 6:Life Exhibition preparation (No.2)

Today, we welcomed three members from Beppu Branch on our June regular meeting. The major works of the day are:Report of the National Meeting and the preparation for Life Exhibition. Nagano, the leader of contents of the Exhibition explains the progress status until today and coming work schedule by using a draft of the panel.
We will prepare an introduction panel of Oita Branch as well. On the panel will be a distribution map of the groups in the Branch together with their pictures. Please take pictures of your own group.
Anan, in charge of children rearing, explains showing a large paper of time check saying, "In order to enrich the contents of Life Exhibit, we will start a time check on our families. Also, any comments from father, mother, and children are welcome."
Ono, the sales leader, talks about her idea on the site sales on Life Exhibition.
"I am going to sell our homemade cookies such as soybean fried dough cookies, sesame cookies, and cheese cracker. Handcrafts such as toys for children, lunchbox, and apron are also to be sold."
The tickets for the Life Exhibition were distributed to all members. We hope many guests will come. After the regular meeting, the lunch was prepared by the members in charge of sales. Included were bread, stewed pork, Chili-Corn-Kahn beans, 1k salads, Julian soup, and yogurt jerry of strawberry.
At 1:30 p.m, afternoon work started for the preparation. After discussing how to give publicity to the mass, we divided ourselves into small groups.
Mitsuyoshi group and Munakata group are studying about environmental protection. Watanabe, the leader of house account, gives comments (left.)
Food study group members from Jounan, Akeno, Wasasda, and Sakanoichi talk about how to appeal the importance of food through the panels and actual foods. Food leader Tanaka (rightmost) and Anan, in charge of children care, join the heated discussion.
On this desk, the panel making has already started. Kasuga and Houfu group write the table. They try to make a bar-chart using color drawing papers. As the color matching is very difficult, they struggle to find out the best combination. A lot of work has still to be done.

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