May 26: The first preparation meeting
Group of friends will cerebrate the 70th anniversary this year. Our Oita branch discussed what we should do, and decided one year ago to have an exhibition for house improvement based on our own experiences, and has been preparing for it since then.

We have just two months at last. Today, we had the first preparation meeting. Each local group presented what they have been doing for the exhibition until today.
In the Senior group, the members are working hard for making a tapestry with the design of nearby scene of Oita River and Ryouzen Hill. The Group hopes to cerebrate the 70th anniversary with this patchwork.

Today, the Senior group member showed other members how they were making the tapestry. We are expecting what it will be in completion.
Our main theme is "Life Exhibition for healthy home that can raise good children." As we hope many families will come and see it. The exhibition will be held in a national holiday during summer vacation of the children. In the exhibition, we will have a pleasant "Children's corner" in which children can play with lovely handmade toys. We have discussed and agreed to make much more toys for it.
Many members, from young families with children to senior families, joined to prepare for the exhibition. We hope we should talk much more about how we can study and enrich the contents of the exhibition.

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