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34 Shimoide-machi Hita-city Ooita prf Japan 877-0038
tel:0973-22-3606 :shopkeeper Yozo Nishi

About Making materials
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Kamaboko-ten is Fishi Meats knead which boiled Foods maker
Making Kamaboko on a boad,small one,middle one,and large one.
Making Fish stick(broil fish meat)。Tikuwa is original of Kamaboko。
Making Kamaboko sets in the box。3th,5th,6th,7th sets.
Making Fried Kamaboko(say Tenpura in Japanese)。
Making Oden's materials。in burdock fry,ball fry and so on.
Making fish cakes for a happy events。there are order made。
Making fish cakes for a funerary events。there are order made。
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