Following the discourses of Mr. ASADA Akira

Dear friends, welcome to my site. My nickname is "natsu". I have lived in Japan. I'll explain why I made this site.

Mr. Asada is one of the most excellent critics in the contemporary Japan.

I was born in 1968. When I was a high school student, I read the book"Kouzou to chikara"(means "Structure and Power") written by Mr.Asada. His book shocked me. Though I wonder if I could understand his discourses.

After that, several years passed. In 1980s he was the introducer of the post modernism, but now he often tells as a modernist.

Japan has been obviously declared the democracy on the Japanese constitution. But in fact, it is very far from the real Japanese society. In Japanese society, most people act by a kind of convention or the mood without the idea. Many Japanese know this and need to change such occasion. But the most Japanese intellectuals will not change it. Mr. Asada criticized it, and is about to root the modernity. I think he is right.

So I make this web site.

The purpose of this site is sharing and taking the information to access his discourses easily. Excuse: this site is unofficial.

The motto of this site is"speedy". :-)

Please give me the information about Mr. Asada as soon as possible.

For example, "he writes the article in this magazine", "his interview is on air in that broadcast program", or "he makes a speech at that hall", etc. The ways are

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I'm waiting for you!

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ANY Conferenceswas held from 1991-2000. As the result of it, ten books was edited.

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