September 22: Opening Ceremony of Yufuin Mailing List "Yufuin Net."

Rainy cloud after the typhoon covers entire Yufuin valley. In September 22nd evening, the staffs of Yufuin mailing list came together to Yufuin Sightseeing Office. The office is of a traditional housing surrounded with green foliage including already colored leaves.

Mr. Matsumura, the manager of the mailing list, registered the mailing list members to the server. Now ready to go. Then Mr. Masafumi Ono, the president of Sansuikan hotel, released an opening declaration message as the representative of the mailing list, Mr. Io of Sightseeing Office sent out a welcome message and matters that require attention on behalf of Mr. Yoneda, general secretariat of the Office.

Mr. Tooru Ono, general secretariat of COARA, joined today as a guest. He eagerly explains in a Japanese style meeting room about electronic money test plan, which will be held at Oita National Cultural Festival in October. Mr. Matsumura and Mr. Io are busy with actual opening preparation of the mailing list in the Office.

Now, the mailing list has actually started. As might have been expected, most members carry mobile PCs.

In the ceremony, Mr. Masafumi Ono (center) made an opening speech, saying "We would be very happy if we can create a wonderful community of Yufuin through the active discussion of all the people concerned using this mailing list. But this "Yufuin net" mailing list is not only for serious discussions, but also for pleasant chatting chance to enjoy a comfortable relationship among the members."

On the right is Mrs. Furusho of Yufuin. Look at this cute PC! Her lovely son Yuuya will soon be three-year-old.

Yuuya is always following her mother about and will not let her go, she smiled.

Mrs. Kuwano of Tamanoyu hotel managed the meeting. All the attendants expressed their expectation on the mailing list.

On the left is Ken, a COARA member. On the right picture, Mr. Joe of Yufuin chamber of commerce (center) and Mieko Nagano of COARA (left.)

We have moved to an adjacent hall and made a toast, anyway.

How delicious a cup of local beer is! A poor driver has to toast with oolong tea.

(Pictured by Ken Nagano)

On a smoking oven are browned local chicken and famous Bungo beef. How nice it is to drink local beer while my driver is drinking simple tea beside me! Mr. Tooru Ono busily grills meat for me, complaining how hard it is to resist the lure of flavor of the local beer.
Like this, the opening meeting of Yufuin mailing list was over in success.

Today's extra.

I witnessed Mr. Tooru Ono's wonderful smile, saying "How lovely a small boy is, indeed." However, the small boy of the Furushos' neglected him.

by Mie