No.16 October 18, 2004

YMF 30th anniversary@
Executive Committee Meeting
Regular meeting at Kotokoto-Ya
A cellular phone was used today for report-making.
We visited Kotokoto-Ya tea room for final confirmation of the autumn concert.
Our young staff are patiently preparing for the concert every day like this.
A large sign board to be set up at the entrance was already completed in beautiful autumn colors.
The last meeting continued to check in detail the time and place of the concert.
On the table were good coffee and crispy cookies. B
"Who will pick up the artists?","How many lunch boxes should be prepared in advance?", "Is the recording ready to go?." Many steps will make the concert fruitful.
Mr. Andrew who stays in my home came together with me. He loves reading book very much and spent a couple of hours reading while we were discussing.
The autumn concert program was printed on a simple sheet. We folded the sheets in two.
The meeting was over but the conversations continued here and there to help pass the lengthening nights of autumn.
See you again on October 23.
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