No.11 April 16, 2004

uThe 30th YMFv@
Executive committee No.3
Executive committee regular meeting at Kotokoto-Ya tea room
Much more public relations will be needed for the successful spring festival of the 30th YMF. Such kind of handbill was prepared. The parking lot was ready for the visitors.
Spring festival will be a week ahead. The last check is important.

Some kind of pleasant mark will be good for the staff.
For example how about a badge like this? It looks good.
Reception, CD-sales, and guide were allotted to each person.
T-shirt is a must for the 30th commemorative festival. An idea was shown to the attendants.
A new staff from Oita was introduced today. She has soon become familiar with the staff members. NIce to meet you, Mr. Kato, the general secretariat of YMF.
Young staffs created a good sign board by managing their busy time. Young sensibility is very welcomed.
We had a fruitful meeting today by welcoming a new staff.
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