July 24-28 2008: The 34th YMF report(part1)
July 24, 2008

The 34th YMF started.
Ms. Shimizu came back to YMF after a long time. She was in charge of the reception.
As I had been involved in a kid meeting in Kumamoto prefecture, I dashed in Yufuin from afar. The site preparation was over and the guests will soon come in.
I took quick supper. The rice ball was very good. The meal during the festival is prepared by the food staff.
The young staffs were working hard in decorating the stage.
Flower pods were arranged beautifully on the front edge of the stage.
The eve started at last. Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF , made a few word in the beginning. As I was in charge of the tea corner, I couldn't hear his greeting.
Flutist Yumiko Sakuma and Tomomi Takahashi clarinetist played a duet.
This time YMF, Mr.Michio Kobayashi, a prominent harpsichordist and the general advisor of YMF, introduced the artists. (I could join the eve about this time.)
Divertimento by Mozart was played by the artists, from left, Takeshi Kiriyama(violin),Satoki Nagaoka(violin),Atsushi Yoshida(viola), and Ouko Nishizawa(cello.)
Ichiro Takagi played an unusual musical instrument arch lute.
Shigemi Takei introduced "Medieval music research study group" as the conductor.
Max Christian Friedrich Bach's op.83 was played by Takahasi(clarinet),Michio Kobayashi(piano), and Kazunori Kawasaki(viola.)
R.V.Williams's ascending lark was played by Mie Kobayashi
Doppler Varakia song op.10 played by Yumiko Sakuma(flute) and Michio Kobayashi(piano.)
J.S.Bach Suiten fur Violoncello solo #6 D major BWV1012 was played by Fumiaki Kouno(cello.)

The last performance of the eve was Schumann's piano quartet #6 E flat major op.47.
From left, Mie Kobayashi(violin),Kiyotaka Noda(piano),Kazunori Kawasaki(viola), and Fumiaki Kouno(cello.)
The eve was very full. The guests looked like satisfied very much.
After the performance, we could take a look at piano on the stage.
Sternway B type 1920 Tiffany model reprint.Big Shieda of Kokonoe town is the owner of the piano.
The sculpture was very beautiful. Tuning was made by Mr.Souji Shirasawa.
Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi and Mr. Michio Kobayashi.
Souvenir comer attracted many audience.
Pleasant chatting with the artists is one of the features of YMF.
From Left, Mr. and Mrs. Kato, Mie Kobayashi(violinist.)
I have had a very good full day today.

picture by Naganos to be continued