June 6,2008 The 34th YMF executive committee(part2)
I got an E-mail from Mr.Takei, a young member of Miyazaki prefectural assembly. He wanted to get information about Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) from its birth to coming 34th festival preparation.
I picked him up at Yufuin railroad station.
We arrived at the meeting site Kotokoto-ya tearoom.
Mr. Takei soon distributed his business card.
On this table, the YMF members were preparing for the invitation card.
YMF advertising leaflets were put into the envelops and stamped on them. Mr. Takei was surprised to see the collaboration work.
In Miyazaki prefecture, there is a big annual event called "Miyazaki Music Festival." Mr. Takei wanted to learn about handmade music festival of Yufuin. He was eagerly discussed Mr.Kato, general manager of YMF,and took memo in detail.
Mr. Michio Kobayashi, a prominent harpsichordist, gave cookie present for the meeting tonight. Mr. Kato brewed original coffee as well.
I was very glad to see Ms.Misako Fuchino for the first time in many days. We took some picture together with Mr. Takei.
Kotokoto-ya's water basin always holds beautiful seasonal flowers.

Mr. Takei greatly appreciated that he could learn much about our small YMF.
As Mr. Takei had his busy days just after tomorrow, he went back to Miyazaki by a midnight train. We hope he can join coming YMF. Thank you very much for your visit to Yufuin.
Y.M.F YMF report
The 34th YMF 2008/7/24(Thu)-27(Sun)
reported byMie