May 12,2008: The 34th Yufuin Music Festival (YMF):Executive committee meeting (No.1)

The first YMF meeting was held today. I arrived the meeting room a little behind the time.

Some 15-16 young staff of Yufuin were already discussing about the festival preliminary program.


The meeting room was familiar Kotokoto-ya lam factory as usual year. Thank you very much for your services.Matsumoto family and ms.Sato. She said that she got a cold in sudden cold weather.
What should we improve this year based on the last year reflection?
The heated discussion was over at last.
I found a CD of "Moonlight sonata by Beethoven" played by Mr. Michio Kobayashi, a world-prominent artist in Yufuin.
We enjoyed the CD.
Mr. Masakuni Katoh, the chairman of YFM executive committee, served us with wonderful aroma of the original coffee.
Snacks were presented by Mr. Michio Kobayashi. He also works as the General advisor of YMF.
I found carnation for Mother's Day on the counter.
Suntory company developed this unusual color carnation named "Star dust."
I had a very good time by enjoying great sound of music,aroma of coffee and cake, and good friends.
The pleasant chatting finds no end.
The young staff will make efforts in preparing many items to be used in the festival. Yes, they are good dependable guys in Yufuin valley.
Y.M.F YMF record
July 24(Thu),2008 - July 27(Sun),2008
report by Mie