July 26-29,2007: The report of the 33rd YMF (part 2)

My staff work day opens from the hot spa of Yufuin.
The rich amount of transparent hot water refreshed my heart in order to welcome the visitors.
Kamenoi Besso hotel sits still in the morning green leaves. the tall maple tree shines in the sun. We will head to the festival site.
We had a small pre-eve meeting at this inn named Tanaka where most of the artists stay during the festival.
I picked my car up here and headed to Fantasy Forest "artegio" museum.
I set up a small notice at the entrance of the museum.
The museum usually displays music-related paintings, sculptures, and plastic arts. Now the special exhibition "See the music" by a prominent music-photographer Mr. Akira Kinoshita is on display.
Many great conductor watch the rehearsal.
The stage boards and chairs arrived, Young staffs brought them into the museum.
"Yufuin Western Music Exploration" is today's afternoon program. Ms. Shigemi Takei, the conductor,checks the arrangement of the stage.
The stage was set up beautifully.
The program starts at 1 p.m. I took a simple lunch at the restaurant.
The spaghetti was very spicy and good.
The entrance of the hall.
The concert started at last.
The usual concert "Western Music Exploration" has a special meaning this year as it commemorates the 450 anniversary of the landing of Virela missionary.
Virela Letter reads that the first Gregorian choir concert was held here in Bungo Funai (Oita's old name) of Japan.
A monument of the Virela stands in the garden of Oita Prefecture Office.
The choir concert was over in success. A cembalo was soon brought in for the evening concert.
Mr. Nakamura made this cembalo and is tuning it.

We can enjoy wonderful sound of cembalo this year as usual.
The site was quickly set up by the young staffs.
Ms. Nobuko Yamasaki, a prominent female cellist rehearses.
The staff took quick supper.
Michio Kobayashi, the great cembalist the honor of Japan, started his brilliant wonderful performance.        
The illumination was darkened.
The wonderful play of the artist by Bach's work fascinated the audience.
Many staffs joined from Tokyo.
The concert was over in success. I felt the music lingering on in my mind after the performance was over.
report by Mie
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