July 26-29,2007: The report of the 33rd YMF
July 26

The rainy season was over and we have very hot days here in Yufu city, Oita. We have had the 33rd Yufuin Music festival (YMF) this year.
We usually join the festival as the volunteers. We put many items on two cars such as cloths, tea set, and vegetables stocked in the refrigerator. We have arrived at central community hall of Yufuin.
The artists have already arrived at Yufuin and started the rehearsal according to the schedule. At the lobby, young local staffs work hard to decorate the hall. I soon set up the tea corner.
I looked at the rehearsal for a while. The hall was empty, but on the stage the artists made beautiful string sound.
The young staffs from Tokyo will perform a "railroad station mini concert."
Mr. Matsumoto played a guitar. The handbills were distributed to the visitors.
At the waiting hall, another mini concert was held as well.

The passengers seemed to enjoy the sound.
The free eve has started at last. The advance tickets were handed to the visitors.
Music goods corner sells books, CDs, and crafts.
Unusual clothe with the design of musical notes.
Slide show of the artists who joined the festival in the past.
The eve was opened with Mozart's work. The hall was filled up with many audience. Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF, made a short welcome message saying it was very impressive to have this time concert run by young local staffs who were born at the time when the first YMF was performed 33 years ago. Yes, the YMF has a very good history and deep impression.
Piano by Michio Kobayashi and flute by Ms. Kirihara.
Two pianists played Mozart, Mr. Kiyotaka Noda, a prominent young pianists, and Mr. Michio Kobayashi, YMF general advisor. Mr. Noda joined the last time YMF as well. We place a great deal of hope for the future of the young pianist Mr. Noda..
The vice mayor gave a short message.
"Quartet 25" played a Beethoven work. This odd name came from the fact that all four members were born on the 25th of the month.
Mr. Kobayashi, left, and Mr. Fumiaki Kouno, a cellist.
Mr. Kiyotaka Noda.
Ms. Takei was a good emcee.
Ms. Nobuko Yamasaki, a prominent female cellist.
Mr. Kazunori Kawasaki, viola and Mr. Noda,piano.
Ms. Natori Tamai(left) and Mr.Noda.
Ms. Chieko Teratani,a prominent messo soprano.
The string quartet played Beethoven.
The eve of the 33rd YMF was ended successfully. I was very happy to listen to the music and saw many old friends.
I hope this space will give rest to the visitors.

The eve was over. The performance starts tomorrow.
Picture by Watanabe,Mie
report by Mie
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