July 20,2007: The 33rd Yufuin Music Festival(YMF) Preparation record No.4
It was very sorry for me that I couldn't join the joint start meeting of YMF and YFF held on July 14. This was because I visited Tokyo on business on that day. So there is no report about it.

As the executive committee will be held this evening, we took early dinner and headed to Yufuin around seven in the evening.
The meeting was started as soon as we have arrived. The festival is just one week ahead and many staffs were in the room.
Simple schedule was ready as well.
We checked the roll book carefully and confirmed our rolls.
YMF ticket preparation.
The steering committee discussed the schedule very eagerly.
Mr. Masakuni Kato, the chairman of the executive committee, wore very good T-shirt. The design was of lovely animal music band. He bought it at Wiener Ltaatsoper ARCADIA OPERA SHOP. I want to visit there.
Mr.Kato and Mr. Miyazaki who runs a printing shop. All the tickets and brochures were printed in Miyazaki's shop.
It was strange to find "Special guest" of the evening. The name was John Lennon doll. It was very real and attracted many staffs' attention.
Mrs. Kobayashi, the wife of Mr.Michio Kobayashi (YMF General advisor), presented cookies. thank you very much.
The 33rd YMF T-shirts were ready for sale. All the staffs bought colorful T-shirts. Which color shall I choose?
What was delightful this evening was I cold meet Mrs. Michiko Shimizu who re-joined the staff for the first time in 15 years. She had been very busy in children rearing. Let's work together in YMF again.

In a week, the artists and remote staffs will join in this Yufuin valley. I hope to see them again.
Y.M.F Mie