May 18,2007: The 33rd YMF record (2)
I arrived at Kotokoto-ya tearoom in Yufuin to join the preparation meeting of the 33rd YMF.
Beautiful wheat shoots were set in a vase.
I couldn't join the last meeting. This time young staff started the management committee. Mr. Osawa, clerk, explained about the plan.
Mr. Sato has been out of YMF for years due to his hard work. It was very good that he came back at last.
The preparation schedule was ready to release.
The staffs from Tokyo sent us a plan to publish "Pre YMF Music Paper." It will be a very interesting paper.
The cosponsor money gathering is the key of the preparation. Yufuin residents will work hard to collect the money.
The program will be mailed to the guests.
The work finished quickly.
The next meeting will be held on June 7. The tickets will be ready by next. A new staff from Oita city was welcomed this evening.
Y.M.F Mie