April 16,2007: 'View music' reception
I visited 'artegio' in Yufuin in response to a kind invitation from the museum.
It was a cold spring day in the rain. Yufuin Valley was still in full bloom of rape flower.
The entrance of 'artegio' museum was dotted with lovely white flowers.
The entrance of 'arpeggio's
Great masters' picture taken by music photographer Akira Kinoshita. The picture was Tooru Takemitsu.
Many classic music lovers were invited today.
World-famous conductors were on display.
Great masters.
I met dear old staffs of Yufuin Music Festival (YMF)
A music score art.
the music talk was started at last.
Mr. Michio Kobayashi, world-famous harpsichordist, played a wonderful music.
We all enjoyed his play.
The exchange party opened.
Many kind of sweet.
Another sweets here.
Mr. Kobayshi, center.
Many pictures of Mr. Kobayashi taken by Mr.Kinoshita more than 30 years ago. Mr. Kobayashi was interviewed in front of his pictures.
Mr. Kobayashi looked back his own young days of around 40's.
Pleasant chartings around Mr. Kobayashi.
Mr. Kobayashi and me. my husband on the left.
The pleasant time was over before I know. I headed to Kamenoi Besso.
i was guided to a small room behind the reception hall. The scenery through the window was very good.
Yufuin was at its best today.
Gentle white cherry was still blooming in the valley.