The 32nd YMF

July 27-30,2006

YMF Program (Japanese)

July 30,2006 The 32nd YMF Farewell party
The 32nd YMF was over in success, Farewell party will soon be held.

Yunotake-An restaurant.
From left,Michio Kobayshi,Shide,Shutou, and Kouno.
Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF made a few words in the opening followed by short speeches of the artists.
Mr. Kobayashi closed up the greeting.
Artists and audience mixed well to have a good time.
Pictures and chatting.
The regular event of giant sweet melon cutting ceremony attracted attention of the attendants.
Mr. Keita Fuchino was the key person of this time YMF.

The pleasant party was over.
After the party, a "second party" was held. Well, thank you all and see you again in next summer.
report by Mie