The 32nd YMF

July 27-30,2006

YMF Program (Japanese)

July 30,2006: The 32nd YMF, 4th day
I was invited this morning to Yufuin Sightseeing Office.
The office was very busy.
Today was "Slow walking day." Local people guided the tourists.
I came back to the public hall and took a short break.
Reception desk.
Shop corner.
A street musician was checking his costume.
The musicians played violin at Yufuin railroad station.

We distributed handbills to the tourists.
Dinner was ready foe serve.
Well, the finale concert started at last.

Asako Urushibara (violin) and Kiyotaka Noda (piano.)
Michio Kobayashi piano,left) and Fumiaki Kouno (cell.)
Tea-break preparation.
Local cookies.
The table was set up.
Tea break.
Shiso juice and orange juice.
The latter half started.
The 32nd YMF ended successfully.
Mr. Michio Kobayashi (center.)
Clean up of the stage.
Reflectors were removed as well.
All were cleaned up quickly.
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report by Mie