The 32nd YMF

July 27-30,2006

YMF Program (Japanese)

July 29: The 32nd YMF,@@The 3rd day
Mt Yufu soars beautifully in the summer sy.
I visited Yufuin railroad station to see the distribution of the handbills.
Two street musician, the staff of YMF, wore spa costume and played violin.
Yufuin Forest express arrived at the station. The sound of violin attracted attention of the tourists. Some of them took pictures by cellular phone camera.
The lunch was prepared already. The menu was "Gyuu-Don".
Dinner was already prepared.
"Afternoon Wind Trio" started the play.
Flute by Chiharu Tachibana, Oboe by Hiroshi Kobayashi, and piano by Kiyotaka Noda. Mr. Kobayashi showed three kinds of oboe and explained about them.
Piano was of Wesendorfer model 225 tuned by Mr., Shirasawa.
Mr. Hiroshi Kobayashi and Ms. Noda after the performance were welcomed by the applause.
Just after the afternoon concert, the evening concert preparation started. The piano was replaced by the cemballo.
The cemballo (French model 1990) was soon tuned up by Mr. Nakamura who made it.
Mr. Michio Kobayashi rehearsed soon.
This is the central public hall of Yufuin, the main site of this time YMF.
Huge flag of YMF was set up by the staff.
Successive music supervisors' portraits were set at the entrance of the hall.
Souvenir shop sells Mr. Kobayashi's CD and Ms. Shigemi Takei's CD as well.
Garden music was played by Mr. Matsumoto and his son in Kamenoi Besso hotel.
Early dinner.
Bach Eve started. Violin by Asako Urushibara and cemballo by Michio Kobayashi.
The second part was by "Quartet Classico."
Bach eve was ended in success.
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report by Mie