The 32nd YMF

July 27-30,2006

YMF Program (Japanese)

July 28,2006: The 32nd YMF second day Artegio
We had the second day of the 32nd YMF second day at Artegio in Yufuin Fantasy Forest.
Set up the stage.
The concert site was the main hall of the museum.
The art museum turned into a music hall.
Final check.
   Goods stand
Cembalo arrived.
   "Western Music Exploration" started at 13:30.
Shigemi Takei, the conductor of the Medieval Chorus Group.
After the concert, I took a short break at my favorite tearoom of Tamanoyu hotel.
   Evening rehearsal.
The staff took simple dinner.
Candle light at the entrance of the hall.
Reception desk.
Michio Kobayashi's cembalo recital started at last.
Bach and Mozart.
Lovely statue at the entrance of the hall.

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