July 25, 2001: Arrival of the members
The 27th Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) will start tomorrow at last. We will stay in Yufuin as usual year during the festival. We loaded up a lot of items onto the car and headed to Yufuin.

Before going to Yufuin, we visited COARA office with some invitation tickets. COARA came up to Yufuin for reporting of the preparation the other day. Miss Korenaga welcomed me. I was glad to find the posters of YMF.
This time, we headed Yufuin via Beppu. The sky cleared up beautifully. The green slope on the right is Ougi-yama and in the back is Mt. Tsurumi with a ropeway facility.
Mt. Yufu is the symbol of Yufuin. Many picture hunters were here and there in the pass.
Sagiridai overlook provides a wonderful view of Yufuin valley.
Soon we arrived Kanakana-tei cottage. We will stay here during the Festival. We opened up all the windows and door to ventilate the stagnant air. Cloths, a coffee maker, and other necessities were brought in.
Kotokoto-ya tearoom is the base of the Festival. This is my favorite seat. Through the window, I can see green leaves of vine shining in the sun.
At 1:00 p.m, the preparation work started at Central Community Hall.

From left, Fuchino, her son Keita, and Koyama.
Adjustment of spot light is a hard work.
The staff in Yufuin has been making reflection panels. Can we set them in right position? From left, Nonoshita, and Kato.
We cleaned up the panels that surround three directions of the stage.
At 2:30 p.m., Koyama and I headed to Oita airport by a bus of the town office to welcome the artists and staffs from Tokyo. This beautiful view will be a good present to them, we hope.
Welcome to Oita Ms. Minoguchi who regularly work as the stage manager.
Nice to meet you for the first time in a year!
Welcome to Oita, Michio Kobayashi (harpsichordist) and his daughter Sumiko, Kenta Matsumi (violist), Tomo Matsubara (baritone), Yawara Watanabe (music journalist), Kazumi Minoguchi (stage manager), Miho Ihara (staff), and Ichiro Kamiyama (pantomime artist.)
After a short rest at the hotels and inns, they gathered at Tanaka Inn to attend the dinner meeting.

Many volunteers joined the meeting after the dinner.
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