July 23, 2001: The final meeting for the 27th YMF
The 27th Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) will open on 26th at last. We have the final preparation meeting this evening at familiar tearoom Kotokoto-ya.

As we have had some works in the evening, we arrived great many minutes late for the meeting. Many members are discussing eagerly in the room.
Many strong young men from Hotel and Inn Union join this time for various preparations. They are reliable, indeed.

The female group is checking the ticket, making the envelops, and preparing for the reception.
Beautiful programs have been printed up today. I got one of them that introduce the artists and the performances. The program will be sold on the site at 200 yen each.
On the second floor of Kotokoto-ya, Ms. Naoe and Ms. Junko are preparing for the "Through-ticket." Other people helped them as well.

The tickets will be stapled with red cover and sealed up with black tape.
The role assignment through the term was confirmed as well.

On July 25, we have many things to do: the set-up of the stage in the morning, picking up the artists at the airport in the afternoon, and the introduction meeting in the evening. I will stay in Yufuin from the day.
Heated discussion needed cool drinks. Mr. Kato, the general secretariat of the YMF, washes the glasses light-heartedly.
I love this at-home atmosphere surrounded with massive wooden structure and plaster wall illuminated with warm-colored lights.

I joined the final checking together with Kato, Fuchino, and Sato, the key persons.
Well, what kind of encounter will be on the 27th YMF ? All the staffs will make their best to make the festival pleasant and successful.

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