June 18, 2001: The 27th Yufuin Music Festival kicked off
The 27th Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) is a month and so ahead. Today, we have the kick off meeting in the evening in Yufuin.

A beautiful sunset on the rice paddies nearby. Rice seedlings are planted just a couple of days ago.
The committee meeting was held at Kotokotoya tea room. I found a lot of beautiful flowers in the hall.

Ms. Wakako who regularly brings in many flowers to the festival site arranged them.
The meeting started at 8:00 p.m.

We welcomed some new volunteer members.
We hope many guests will join us and enjoy the festival. The staff will work hard as usual.
The new comers and old members soon got familiar with each other, as they are music and Yufuin lovers.
Mr. Masakuni Kato, the general secretariat of YMF, at right, started to explain this time festival by introducing the artists, program, and key points.
The male group discuses the preparation of the stage and car arrangement.
The female group confirmed the major assignment and checked the number of T-shirts of the year.
By checking the color and size, they are quickly sorted into the box. The shirts will be sold at many places such as sight-seeing office and hotels in the town.
The posters are also checked carefully.
Tonight's work was over. We enjoyed aromatic black tea of Kotokoto-ya. We confirmed the next meeting before breakup.
I enjoyed a short chat with the landlady Misako. She introduced her newly opened branch jam factory nearby.
She arranged the beautiful flowers in the water basin presented from Wakao today.
I got some of the flowers as well. From left, Misako, Wakako, and Mie. I hope this year festival will be successful as usual.

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