The Twenty-sixth Yufuin Music Festival Program
Thursday, July 27, 2000 - Sunday, July 30, 2000

Thursday, July 27 --19:00 open 
Yufuin Central Community Hall
Eve Family Lecture Concert and Festival Preview 
(Complimentary admission)
Friday, July 28 --13:00 open
Koa Park Hotel
Yufuin Western Music Tour
   ---Beyond time and space---
Choral concert by Oita Medieval Music Research Society
Shigemi Takei, Conductor and lecturer  
* Guest artist: Yukari Nonoshita(Mezzo Soprano)
* Motets from sacred texts: In Paradisium
* Tomas Luis de Victoria, 1548-1611; 
  Responsorium for Holy Thursday, Other works to be announced
* Renaissance songs of France and Spain
Friday, July 28--20:00 open
Yufuin Tokyu Golf Club
  Shuttle bus departure from 
  JR Yufuin station  
  19:00  19:10 19:30
Harpsichord Recital
 --Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750--
* Michio Kobayashi, Harpsichord 
* Guest artist: Yukari Nonoshita(Mezzo Soprano),
  Tomoko Kawada(Violin)
* French Suite No. 6 in E Flat Major,  BWV817    
* Aria: Thy Mercy, Lord, from St. Matthew Passion (BWV 244)
* Sonata for Viola and Harpsichord No. 4 in G Minor,   
  BWV1017, others
Saturday, July 29 --13:30 open
Yufuin Central Community Hall
Yufuin Summer Ensemble
* Takumi Kubota,Violin; Junko Ohmori, Violin;
         Toshihiko Ichinotsubo, Viola; Fumiaki Kono, Cello;
         Misako Kono, Piano
* Antonin  Dvorak, 1841-1904 String Trio Op.74   
* Johannes Brahms, 1833-1897 Cello Sonata No.2 Op.99
* Johannes Brahms, 1833-1897 Piano Quintet Op.34
Saturday, July 29-- 20:00
Yufuin Central Community Hall
Yukari Nonoshita, art songs of Japan and France
* Yukari Nonoshita(Mezzo Soprano)
 Michio Kobayashi(Piano)

* L. Ahne, In Crolis, others
* Kosaku Yamada, The song of AIAN (complete)
* M. Ravel, Two Hebrew Songs
* F. Poulenc, Sea, others
* E. Satie, Three Songs, others
Sunday, July 30--13:30 open
Yufuin Central Community Hall
Finale Concert
* Takumi Kubota,Violin; Junko Ohmori, Violin; 
  Tomoko Kawada(Violin); Toshihiko Ichinotsubo, Viola; 
  Fumiaki Kono, Cello; Yukari Nonoshita(Mezzo Soprano); 
  Misako Kono, Piano; Michio Kobayashi(Piano); 
  Iwahisa Kuroki, Contrabass

Part 1
* G. Rossini, Sonata Quartet No.1
* W.A.Mozart Duet K423
* W.A.Mozart Violin Sonata K454
------ Tea break ------
Part 2 * W.A.Mozart opera arias * W.A.Mozart Piano Quartet in G minor K478
Admission Fee (The same as last year)
Please E-mail to:mieko@fat.coara.or.jpfor tickets.
Ticket A: Effective for one program on either July 28 or July 29 Adult : 3,500Yen(advance ticket 3,000Yen)
Students: 2,000Yen(advance ticket 1,500Yen)
Ticket B: Effective for July 30 (Tea service included) Adult : 4,500Yen(advance ticket 4,000Yen)
Students: 2,500Yen(advance ticket 2,000Yen)
Ticket C: Effective for all programs Adult : 13,000Yen Students: 7,000Yen
Farewell Party ticket 2,000Yen
Accomodation: Call Tel 0977-65-4464 Yufuin Sightseeing Office
or FAX0977-84-5324 Yufuin Music Festival General manager: Masakuni Kato
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